Google+ Social Media Features

Blog writers want feedback. For ages now I have been running a plugin on this blog that allows readers to quickly post things I have written to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc in the hope that some of my wittier and more insightful musings might be widely distributed. The icons were there for years and, as far as I can tell, the icons were clicked exactly none times. None.

So I have removed that plugin and am trying something else.

Google+ is Google’s attempt at social media (previously) and I am liking a lot of what they are doing. It is sort of like a mixture of Twitter and Facebook, you can follow people without them reciprocating and anything you post can be shared with only a subset of people. +1 is Google’s equivalent of Facebook’s Like button.

If you are logged into G+ you can click on the +1 button to show you approve of the content and want to see more like it. You can go back through the archives and +1 as many articles as you want – go ahead, I’ll wait.

In addition, I have added my Google Plus feed to the sidebar on the right. I am not sure if I will keep this, I post very few updates, but we will see. I quite like having my long form blog posts and my short for G+ updates visible in one place.