Social Media Integration

I have decided to try out social media integration on my blog for a while, because I am curious to see which posts people enjoy the most. My previous attempts failed, so now I am keeping it simple. From now on you will see both a Facebook “like” button and a Google+ “+1″ at the foot of each of my musings.

A logo made by mashing together the facebook and google+ logoThe Google button is a lot less intrusive than the Facebook solution, hitting +1 is just a small nod of approval. I think the only place it shows up is if you specifically look at your likes on Google+ itself and I am not even sure if other people get to see the things you have +1’d. The total number of +1s is all anyone sees.

Clicking the Facebook “like” button actually posts an item to your Facebook timeline. This is great for me, since your friends see that you like this link and may visit themselves, but you might not like your “friends” knowing what you like. It depends on how much you value your privacy.

Incidentally, unless I am your friend on Facebook I don’t get any special information about who clicked that button. On the G+ side, I don’t know if you +1’d me even if I am following you.

So if you like a post, click away. If you don’t like a post, leave a comment. If you don’t care, watch some cats playing on YouTube. Everybody wins.