Home Made Creme Eggs

Ever read a recipe and know that it is your destiny to try it? I saw this fantastic method for making creme eggs on food52.com and was obsessed. It is a bit more fiddly and time-intensive than most things I make but the results are impressive even if mine look nothing like the photos on the web site.

The process of making creme eggs

My ingredient list was slightly adapted for metric measurements and local supplies:

½ cup of golden syrup
85g of softened butter
Tiny pinch of salt
1tsp Vanilla essence
2⅔ cups of icing sugar
Bag of dark chocolate bits
Yellow Food Colouring
Coconut Flavouring
Toothpicks and Potatoes

It took about 3 hours from start to finish but a lot of that time was waiting for the mixture to cool down in the freezer to a workable consistency. I completely messed up tempering the chocolate, but that just makes them slightly harder to eat.

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