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Three Videos for Wasting Time on Monday Morning

I haven’t posted any stupid videos for a while, so here are three for your enjoyment:

Last year the South Korean’s unleashed the insane and madenly catchy Gangnam Style onto an unsuspecting world. This year the Norwegians fire the next salvo in the never-ending world war of ridiculous dance hits. This one answers an important question.

Step back to the 80s for more dance music:

If you think that was showing off, watch this for something completely different. I used to play snooker for my school(!) but I never saw anything like this in any of the snooker dives in the seedy underbelly of Oamaru.

Snooker commentators are a buttoned down bunch, this one probably has more emotion in his voice at the 3 minute mark that he did at his own wedding.

Another Bus Stop Ad

It is good to see the team behind the pulpy orange juice ad are still hard at work.

Hack 1: So how should we sell this new cell phone from a company nobody has heard of? Apple and Samsung use their ads to showcase their key differences in a crowded market. Should we do likewise?

Hack 2: Naaw. Sounds like a lot of bother. Just pick a stock photo at random and paste in a tiny product photo in the corner so people can tell it is a phone.

Hack 1: Great idea. According to the brief, the client needs us to highlight their product’s numerous outstanding features.

Hack 2: Hmmm, our copywriter is on maternity leave but I am sure we will be able to come up with something.


Hack 1: This is the best stock photo, it still looks a bit bland.

Hack 2: No problem, my cousin is a whiz with photoshop.

Hack 1: Sounds expensive, tell him we’ll only pay for one hour of his time.

Hack 2: He is used to working fast. He was the guy who did Gollum for Lord of the Rings.

A Poster for a Huawei Cell Phone

Rage of Thrones

So season three of Game of Thrones has started.

View on youtube
Actually, the adaption of Game of Thrones has been pretty great so far. In some ways it is even better than the books, mainly due to stuff actually happening in a timely manner. Also, instead of G.R.R.Martin’s vivid descriptions of breasts in every chapter, we actually get to see breasts. This behind the scenes look explains the creative process.

The books are crazily ambitious but the pace has been slowing with each successive novel. I suspect that the next book will cover in detail what each of the 85 characters did between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30am on a particular Tuesday morning, including what they had for breakfast, if anything scary made their bowels turn to water, and if they saw any nice breasts. It is these colourful threads that the novels’ rich tapestry is woven from.

(Axis of Awesome also have this unrelated but amusing song which is worth a look.)

An Imagined Scene

SCENE: A corner office overlooking the harbour. Brand Manager sits on a large chair behind a huge desk populated with executive desktop toys. Three Flunkies sit nervously on shorter chairs.

BRAND MANAGER: RIGHT, we need a FRESH new angle for our new juice product. Any IDEAS?

FLUNKY 1: What about a big orange cartoon mascot, he could be dancing aroun…


FLUNKY 2: A group of attractive people


FLUNKY 2: ummm, enjoying the product


FLUNKY 2: … on a beach?

BRAND MANAGER: WRONG! It doesn’t SPEAK to ME, and from now on NEITHER DO YOU!

FLUNKY 3: Get this: we get an attractive model and paste in our product in an awkward pose unlike any human would hold things in. Maybe put some half-ass stock-photo clouds in the background.

BRAND MANAGER: Same as all our OTHER campaigns. I need SOMETHING SPECIAL!

FLUNKY 3: OK, we photoshop her face so it looks like she has just taken a swig of the product and is now struggling to hold back projectile vomit!

BRAND MANAGER: I LIKE IT! You two, LEARN from this GUY. Lets get this out there on EVERY second BUS STOP in the city.

An Ad for Pulp Orange Juice in a bus stop.

The Aliens Rap

Following up on the epic 10 minute rap summary of Robocop, the same team has released Aliens:

open at youtube.com

Watching this reminds me what a great film Aliens turned out to be and how Avatar (by the same director) pales in comparison. It’s not that Avatar was terrible but nobody is going to be making 10 minute rap songs about it in 25 years.

quick update: Hey, they’ve done Terminator 2 as well!