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Air Swimmers

I have to make a choice sometime soon – do I get an iPhone4 now or do I wait for the (unannounced, possibly mythical) iPhone5?

It turns out that what I really want is one of these:

Not sure I can get work to spring for one though.


OK, it’s an ad but this short animation from Aardman is very well done.

The “making of” video is also worth a look, although it must be the first behind-the-scenes featurette that features more product placement than the main feature (a Nokia N8 you say? Tell me more…) but it shows the effort they went to.

State Highway Death : Turn Right for Murder

Here is our entry for the 2011 48 Hour Film Competition:

Watch on Youtube

The reviews were not kind, but everyone had fun making it. The elements this year were a character called Bobby Young, the dialog “What have you got”, a piece of bent wire, and the film had to end on a freeze frame. Our genre was “Road Movie”, to be honest I think we ended up with more of a revenge film (one of the other genres) but I think we got in enough travel to make it count.

My contribution was mainly as the camera operation, although I helped write the original script and directed the odd scene. It is my fault that Bobby is out of focus in the last scene – hi-def video is unforgiving.