TV Theme Quiz

(This page is mostly a tech demo/experiment for the HTML5 <audio> tag - an attempt to create an interactive app including audio without using Flash except as a fallback. It works to some degree in most modern browsers but best in Firefox3.6 and Safari4.0.5. This page requires Javascript.)

Do you watch too much TV? The audio file below contains 17 short snippets of "well-known"* TV themes, how many can you identify? Many of these tunes you may have heard hundreds of times so it shouldn't be that hard. You don't even need to answer in any particular order.

  1. Don't know
  2. Could be anything
  3. Beats me
  4. Unknown
  5. It's on the tip of my tongue
  6. Almost got it
  7. Is it Ghostbusters 2?
  8. I know I used to watch this
  9. I'll come back to this one
  10. This is all stupid anyway
  11. Just give me a minute
  12. This is going to keep me awake tonight
  13. My mind has gone blank
  14. uuummmmmmmmmm
  15. I would like to phone a friend please.
  16. Think. Think. Think.
  17. Is there a prize for this?
Score: 0 out of 17.

* "well known" defined as "known to me" **.

** Note to younger readers: don't complain if some of these shows were before your time. Furthermore, pull up those damn trousers and get a haircut, you'll never get a job looking like that.