WordMap is a maze of words, each connected to others that differ by a single letter. For instance, the word about is linked to abort because you can make one from the other by changing the u to an r. Likewise, about is also linked to abut and bout by removing a single letter, and also to abouts by adding the letter s.

WordMap allows you to hop around from word to word like a frog hopping from lily pad to lily pad across the surface of a pond. There are almost thirty thousand interconnected words in WordMap's dictionary, so there is a lot of scope for getting lost.

Start your journey at the beginning : the letter a


Here are a few puzzles you might like to try if you are bored of wandering around aimlessly.

Turn water into wine the easy way - 4 clicks
Use bait to catch fish - 4 clicks
Evolve apes to man - 4 clicks
Plant some seeds and watch the flowers grow - 5 clicks
Stop living in the past, live for the present - 5 clicks
Follow a life from birth to death - 5 clicks
Feed a kitten so it grows into a tiger - 6 clicks
Plant a tree, someday it may become a whole forest - 6 clicks
Go from black to white (just like Michael Jackson) - 6 clicks
Going from east to west is easy, try traveling north to south - 6 clicks
Sow a field to harvest crops - 7 clicks
Fatten up your cattle, then turn them into beef - 7 clicks
"One giant leap for mankind..." - 7 clicks for you
Turn night into day - 7 clicks
An apple is great, but wouldn't you rather have an orange - 8 clicks
Snatch a win from the jaws of defeat - 10 clicks
Don't count your chickens before all of your eggs have hatched - 13 clicks